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Gardening and food growing in particular has so many amazing benefits for health, communities and for the wider environment. Community gardening is:   Social - it improves community cohesion and reduces isolation. It is fantastic for physical exercise  and well being, plus the food is healthy and ethically produced. Economical – it saves people money. It can earn groups money. It is the perfect medium to improve essential skills that can help with employment. Environmental – it informs people about carbon literacy. It connects people and nature. It reduces food miles and therefore carbon dioxide.
Common green areas in neighbourhoods encourage social bonding between neighbours.
Our projects have a 6:1 return on investment for society.
Community gardens offer a resource for education and learning.
The food we eat accounts for 30% of the UK’s carbon footprint.
Urban greenspace provides important habitat for wildlife.
Allotment holders spend on average £202 growing veg that would sell for £1564 in the shops.
Urban agriculture creates jobs and volunteering opportunities.
Only 24% of men and 29% of women are regularly consuming their recommended daily five portions of fruit and veg,
Daily gardening reduces the risk of Dementia by 36% in older people.
Trees, greenery, flowers and water improve mood.
0161 465 6954