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Why can’t hospitals grow their own food?
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The Boiler House 9 Wilcock Street Manchester M16 7DA
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  Cherelle Blythe,   Acting Professional Lead for   Occupational Therapy at GMMH
Hospital Beds is a social enterprise project, creating growing spaces for the community, while providing opportunities for skills building and the personal development of service users at North Manchester General.
The Hospital Beds project builds on the success of Sow the City’s Green Minds project, funded by the Manchester Care and Health Commissioning Voluntary Sector.
The Hospital Beds project works with service users with mental health needs from North Manchester General Hospital. The service users will make use of the skills and experience in growing and construction gained through the Green Minds project to help to build and maintain growing spaces at other hospital sites, and in the local area. The project provides a range of benefits for the service users and the wider community. Participants develop life-long skills, links to employment, socialise and improve confidence and motivation. They are able to share these benefits with a wide range of new groups and communities. Take a look at this article on the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust website for more details. If you would like to know more or to build a new garden with the Hospital Beds team, please get in touch.
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Hospital Beds is a fantastic project, which gives our service users an opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening. It’s also a vital first step into the world of work for many of our services users
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