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The Boiler House 9 Wilcock Street Manchester M16 7DA
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group of stockport residents learning how to grow their own fruits and vegetables
Based on our experience in Manchester estates, Sow the City was asked by Stockport MBC to run similar projects in Stockport with an emphasis on food growing at home, but also in the creation of community gardens.
The estates around central Stockport have pockets of extreme deprivation and have limited access to fresh fruit and vegetables. The project area contained a range of different housing types from Victorian terraces with yards and gardens through to high rise tower blocks, with limited growing space. . The Grow Cook Eat project involved significant engagement with local residents. Working with people in the neighbourhood, we revised ways to incorporate gardens into even the smallest of areas. We installed rich compost with seeds and seedlings in flexi tubs in areas around apartment blocks and we created gardens on balcony areas. The Grow Cook Eat project resulted in some fantastic outcomes including:
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Project participant, Grow Cook Eat
My Dwarf French Runner Beans have grown to 9’’ tall. I’m going to split with my brother as he has a greenhouse.  There are too many for my windowsill!
The development of a fun brand for food growing. Over 200 propagators and seed kits issued door-to-door. Four basic veg growing training sessions delivered. Five community events run and organised.
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