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From local community fairs to large scale festivals, Sow the City have developed creative and educational installations, talks and community engagement activities for a wide range of audiences.
Our food and environmental events are a creative way to inspire people to eat more healthily and learn more about growing food. Our installations can help to engage new audiences and raise awareness of environmental issues that affect you and your clients.
To find out more contact Jon Ross Call 07708 622 368 Email
We can work with your organisation to develop creative and educational experiences which suit your requirements. From planning through to running the event on the day, we can do it all. We can design food and environmental workshops and talks for events to suit any particular group or age range. As well as bespoke installations such as green roofs, edible gardens; and audio and visual immersive experiences. Our team of Sow the City volunteers will be able to support your project.
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Event attendee  The whole event was so interesting but the tasting of the botanical syrups  was the best!
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