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Sow the City are working with Cornbrook GP surgery in Hulme,  to create a new wellbeing garden for growing, wildlife and relaxation.
The project is supported by Age Friendly Manchester. It aims to develop the GP surgery grounds to create an engaging greenspace and provide nature-based interventions for patients.
Sow the City will work alongside GP staff and patients to design and develop a wellbeing garden in the surgery’s wooded grounds. The Cornbrook GP surgeries have around 13,000 patients on their books, many of whom are socially isolated and have very little access to outdoor space. The garden will provide opportunity for local people to learn new skills, take part in physical exercise, get access to healthy and free food and meet new people. Food growing activities and the recreational use of the garden will be recommended by GPs providing a precedent for the emerging social prescription approach that is being rolled out across Manchester. Patients are encouraged to engage with community and nature-based activities as a means of improving their health and wellbeing.
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It has been a true blessing to my job role to see a change and difference at grass roots level. We, as a practice, are very excited and happy and look forward to working together on this.
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  Jermaine Chappell,   Manager at Cornbrook GP Surgery  
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