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The Boiler House 9 Wilcock Street Manchester M16 7DA
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It’s a real pleasure to be hosting work by Sow the City, one of the go-to nature champions in Manchester. We want the viaduct to improve people’s access to nature in the city centre so that more people can benefit from all the good things nature brings to our lives. 
  Sophie Wardell Urban Places Programme Manager, National Trust
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Sow the City is working in partnership with the National Trust to support the development of one of Manchester’s most iconic new attractions – the Castlefield Viaduct.
Sow the City designs ‘In Our Nature’ garden for National Trust’s new ‘sky park’ in Manchester We have designed the ‘In Our Nature Garden’ to encourage a connection between humans and nature. It is open from 18th Feb 2023 until 31 July 2023, as part of the National Trust’s 12-month pilot scheme to bring the Grade II listed viaduct back into use as a temporary park. Our plot brings a range of natural elements to the viaduct, including a pond, wildlife habitats, and a diverse range of bee friendly planting. The tranquil sights and earthy smells give city-dwellers the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Manchester’s city centre. There is even a downloadable immersive audio recording to enhance the nature experience. We have drawn upon the latest research in environmental psychology to design the garden - the Five Pathways to Nature Connectedness, developed by the University of Derby. The research shows that the closer our relationship with nature the more likely we are to care for wildlife and the wider environment. When we are connected, we take actions to reduce our environmental impact such as using less energy and water, reducing waste and recycling. The theme of nature runs throughout the design both in the selection of plants and in the architecture. A subtle colour palette of purple, white and sienna hues are complimented by the rusted iron of the viaduct and corten planters. The collection includes familiar and sensory plants such as foxgloves, cranesbill, ragged robin and geum, to further engage visitor’s senses whilst also providing a rich source of food for pollinators. The space itself feels enclosed and allows a moment of quiet contemplation to encourage a deeper emotional connection with the environment.
0161 465 6954