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Ann-Marie Parry, Hub Manager, Hall Lane Resource Centre
Thank you for the enormous impact you have all had - the support from the Sow the City team has been invaluable to our team and customers who have had a really successful growing year.
The Growing Manchester programme helps individuals and communities to access the support they need to develop successful food growing projects in their area.
This programme is delivered on behalf of the Food Futures Team within Manchester City Council’s Public Health Department. Established in 2011, it has provided significant health, environmental and economic growth to local communities.
Since this original pilot programme in 2011, Growing Manchester has grown rapidly to include up to 88 growing groups, located across the city. Over 1000 people have engaged on the various activities, courses, workshops and events that have been run as a part of Growing Manchester. The projects that have been undertaken include: Workshops delivered to over 2000 attendees, including food growing, pond building, irrigation systems, solar power systems, fruit tree management, installing a green roof, basic carpentry, and fundraising. Site assessments and soil tests for fourteen food growing sites in the city. Development of the Growing Manchester ‘Tales from the Plot’ installation at Dig the City festival. Click here  to listen to the Dig the City audio recordings. A Harvestometer website for groups to measure what they have grown, and Big Dig Map with growing locations across the city. Growing Manchester is a highly successful community food growing support programme that contributes to the Food Futures Strategy and the Council’s Climate Change Strategy (MACF).
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