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Corporate volunteering sessions are a great opportunity for an organisation to have fun, develop teamwork skills, and give something back to the local community. Your team can get their hands dirty help to plant trees, clear a plot of land, or construct a wildlife pond.
Getting involved in urban agriculture projects is a great promotional tool for your business, is a fun and engaging team building activity, and a positive way to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility. 
Sponsorship We provide corporate sponsorship opportunities with tangible and measurable benefits including: good PR from working with Sow the City, clear links between sponsorship and project outcomes such as reduction in food poverty, and attendance by Sow the City at your events. Team building days  Get your staff involved in Sow the City corporate volunteering days that not only develop team work and communication skills but that also make a positive impact on the environment. Activities include planting trees, clearing a plot, or constructing a wildlife pond. You can choose from over 60 community and school projects across Greater Manchester. Events and installations Would your brand benefit from an innovative Sow the City event or installation? Food growing and nature are a creative way to enhance your brand and we have worked with restaurants and commercial customers to help demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while generating good publicity.
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